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Dental Technologies

Dental x-ray slide held between an index finger and a thumbAt Macadam Dental we believe in using the latest in proven dental technologies to maximize the amount of good we can do for our patients while minimizing the cost of any given procedure. Dental technologies have come a long way in recent years and we feel that by harnessing their power and precision we can give our patients a winning smile.

Digital X-Rays

If you have been to a dental office, you know what an X-ray is and how we use it. We use X-rays to look beyond the soft tissues in the mouth so that we can more accurately examine the teeth and bone in your jaw. By taking X-rays we are able to see things that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see with the naked eye. Now we have the advantage of digital X-rays which give us and our patients even more to be excited about!

Digital X-rays give us all the same benefits that a standard X-ray does, but with many added benefits. Digital X-ray machines expose patients to one fifth of the radiation that a normal x-ray machine would. This means our clients receive a negligible amount of radiation with every X-ray taken. Further, we are able to look at the X-rays we take almost immediately after taking them. Gone is the time of waiting for X-rays to develop.

We can share a high definition digital image of your mouth with you almost immediately after taking an X-ray via a computer monitor. This does wonders in our efforts to educate you on exactly what is going on in your mouth at the time of your visit.

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera is a great education tool that we use to show you anything of note that we find upon examination of your mouth. Using the intra-oral camera we can take live footage from inside your mouth and project the video feed onto a monitor in front of you. This allows us to show you things like:

•  Broken fillings
•  Chipped teeth
•  Visible decay
•  Bleeding around the gums
•  Abscesses or cysts

When we are able to show you what’s going on in your mouth in real time, it can make a big difference.

UltraSonic Scalers

The ultrasonic scaler is a fantastic tool that we use to keep your mouth plaque and tartar free. Using ultrasonic vibrations the scaler produces thousands of microscopic bubbles that break up caked on plaque and tartar.

The ultrasonic scaler uses water or an antimicrobial liquid called chlorohexidine to assist in the process of breaking up and washing away any calculus that has formed on your teeth. The vibrations are so tiny and quick that it general can only be detected by the patient as a high pitched sound. This tool helps us to keep your teeth clean and your gums health and free from gingivitis.

CEREC Same Day Tooth Restorations

We now offer CEREC same day tooth restorations in our office here in Portland, OR. What does this mean for you? This means huge savings in time, and cost. With a typical crown restoration the patient will have to make at least two visits to our office.

A crown restoration without CEREC starts like this. On the first visit we prepare the tooth to receive the crown and fit a temporary crown on top of the tooth while the measurements are used to craft the permanent crown over a period of several weeks. On the second visit we would remove the temporary and place the permanent. With the CEREC system we are able to accomplish all that in only one visit.

The CEREC system save you time and money and has a long standing record of producing high quality crown restorations.

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